Dr. Vuyo Seti-Sonamzi

Programme Participan

Dr Vuyolwethu Seti-Sonamzi is the Head of the Office of Transformation in the College of Human Sciences at the University of South Africa where she obtained her Doctor of Philosophy in Communication degree.  Her research interests include discourses of Blackness in Communication Studies, including but not limited to race, racism, coloniality, decoloniality, media and race, activism-intellectualism-artivism, and African epistemologies. Dr Seti-Sonamzi serves as a leader in projects that analyse normalised narratives that externalise Black South Africans from the land of their foremothers in the national psyche. She is passionate about interrogating methodologies from the perspective of those on the underside of modernity, as well as returning to the source through decolonial thought and re-Africanisation.