Zintsomi is a storytelling hub for African stories and storytellers. 

Zintsomi is the brainchild of Nomsa Mdlalose, a pioneer in the art of storytelling. Zintsomi is a company set up to develop leadership in the professionalisation of storytelling. The company’s primary objective is to commercialise the art of storytelling by increasing the number of professional storytellers in the country. We nurture, promote and train storytellers for a creative arts career. We create storytelling products and services for children and adults interested in African stories.


A photo of Zintsomi Storyteller and founder, Nomsa Mdalose, in traditional Zulu attire.

Dr Nomsa Mdlalose is a folklorist, researcher, writer, storyteller and social entrepreneur. She is a published author of several children’s books, academic articles, poetry etc. and has been telling stories for many years in South Africa and internationally. Mdlalose is the founder of the storytelling company, Zintsomi and a founding member of Kwesukela storytelling Academy. 

She provides storytelling training and designs storytelling programs for companies and individuals.  And provides mentorship to community groups and individuals in art as well as business skills. She has over 20 years of experience in storytelling, creative writing, writing and publishing. And holds a Storytelling Masters Degree from Tennessee State University in the States and a Doctorate Degree in Folklore from Wits University, where she specialised in African oral Literature and Linguistics.

Dr Mdlalose is the winner of the 2015 Imbokodo award for the promotion of African languages and storytelling. Has sat on the literature panel of the National arts council of South Africa and Freedom Park council and is currently a board member of the Southern African Folklore Society.  

She drew her initial cultural knowledge from her mother, S’bongile Dlamini, who is gifted in African spirituality and healing. 

It is through the arts that we preserve our languages, culture and history in a non-conflicting manner