Welcome to the Kidz Corner

Long ago, elders in homesteads told iZintsomi (“Folk Tales”) to young children and all who would listen. The main character in many of these stories was uNogwaja – the Hare. uNogwaja was a very mischievous character with too many tricks and trouble.

Now, uNogwaja has turned the tables. She has collected all stories, book and songs; and she is the one telling the story. She knows all the stories…After all, she was there when they happened!

See what Khalulu has in Store for you!

There are so many great stories to choose from.

Children’s stories ignite the imagination and encourage the love of learning. These unique, home grown African story books share culture, history and adventure for all ages.

Khalulu – the storyteller, invites you play with her and her afro storytelling friends. They are soft, cuddly and come from various cultures. And they sing too.

Learn and sing along to modern and traditional folk songs or lullabies in isiZulu, seSotho and other South African languages. These songs are fun and perfect for the car and home.