[ult_team team_img_grayscale=”off” img_hover_eft=”” social_icon_effect=”on” social_links=”%5B%7B%22social_icon_url%22%3A%22mailto%3Ainfo%40zintsomi.co.za%22%2C%22selected_team_icon%22%3A%22Defaults-envelope-o%22%7D%5D” divider_effect=”” title_text_typography=”” image=”id^5086|url^http://zintsomi.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/storytellers_Wazi.jpg|caption^null|alt^null|title^storytellers_wazi|description^null” name=”Wazi M Kunene” pos_in_org=”Storyteller”]Wazi M Kunene is a 24 year old Performer based in Johannesburg. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes University and trained as a storyteller though Kwesukela Storytelling Academy. She is an Oxford University Press SA author; voice artist and storyteller. She’s hosted RamJam Poetry Session and handled media at Current State of Poetry session. Her independent projects include: Caged Heart ep (Wazi M Kunene on Sound cloud); First anthology offering in 2013; and The Birth of Reject: Finding the poet in the journeys of her pencil. She also works in music, acting and fashion.[/ult_team]